Le Jardin d'Egee, Perfume

Happy new year everyone!
This is a work in progress commission for the end of 2013, packaging design and logo for a new perfume.
Thank you Jonathan Klahr and Rik Cooper for your collaborations.

Hope you enjoy it…


Cosmopolitan Cover Competition

I can finally publish my proposal for the cover of UK Cosmopolitan magazine special edition for the 'The Ultimate Women Awards 2014'.

Unfortunately I didn't win the job, however I'm congratulating myself for taking the brief on holiday with me and managing to focus on the drawing whilst I could hear the grass hoppers chirping like crazy under the August sun, sounding as if they were calling me out to go slouch with them around the swimming pool. I did win against my lazy self, for only that day though...

Meet the finalists...
The editors claim they have received over 100 applications for their first-ever Design Cosmo's Cover competition. They have narrowed the list down to 6 designs of which one will get to be printed for the November issue.