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Boyfriend's Birthday card

Being a UK citizen for almost 20 years, I have no excuse why I still can't get into the revered card giving tradition and the absolute religious respect the British embrace for this activity.
To the point where I even forgot to get one for my boyfriend on his 40's birthday!
Last night, on my way to the bar where we were going to meet with some of his friends, I stopped and snipped into the opposite pub, got myself a lager & cheese 'n onion crisps helping (just to get in the mood for cocktails) and I put down these drawing straight on to paper.
I quickly assembled and taped the pieces together into a respectable, 'arty' greeting card (and I wonder why I carry heavy pencils and water colours in my bag!).
Like on a mission under cover, I applied red lipstick, changed my flats into indecent heels, let my hair down and crossed the road exhibiting the most relaxed and shiny smile. The Boyfriend was a happy man.